Development Opportunities

Development Opportunities that Allow Personal Growth not Just Focusing on the Technical and Tactical Skills 

Coaching is wider than just knowing, and being confident in, the technical and tactical aspects of a sport. A coach engages regularly with people and is often seen as a leader requiring exceptional leadership skills and qualities. As such, they need to be confident in their own interpersonal and

relationship-building skills. 

Look at providing learning opportunities, particularly for female coaches, which:

  • Develop self-confidence
  • Build networks
  • Develop self-reflection skills
  • Promote the coach’s wellbeing (physical and mental/emotional)

However, achieving ‘traditional’ coaching qualifications and accessing training is important for female coaches for a number of reasons. 88% of female coaches surveyed in Ireland hold a coaching qualification with 61% looking to complete their next coaching qualification. As well as the benefit to their coaching ability by completing a coaching qualification, the following are also reasons why they seek accreditation:

  • They have a sense of achievement which develops their self-confidence, i.e. they position themselves at a certain level, equivalent to other coaches.
  • It helps them build essential skills that can lead to leadership and/or employment opportunities.
  • It provides evidence that they are qualified and safe to coach.
  • They can then evidence their coaching achievements to other coaches and athletes.

Unfortunately, many female coaches feel they need to be able to prove their level of coaching to gain the respect of their peers and participants. This topic is explored further in this chapter when we discuss the importance of the organisational culture.

Chapter 3: Developing Coaches Suggested Actions

  • Establish additional CPD training for coaches that focuses on the bullet points listed above.

  • Link up with other sports to create joint bespoke programmes focusing on the bullet points listed above. Learning opportunities for coaches from different sports can increase the knowledge gained.

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Personal development planning

Spending time with coaches individually is important to identify what development they need. This is very much sport dependent and resources available. Developing a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Personal Development Plan (PDP) with them will help them feel valued and supported, as well as providing a log of what development opportunities are needed and being accessed.

Although the TNA and PDP will be completed by individual coaches, it can also be done in groups, with either a leader facilitating the group or peer-to-peer support.

Chapter 3: Developing Coaches Suggested Actions

  • Explore how your sport can make Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Personal Development Plans (PDP) the norm, as well as accessible for female coaches to learn more about it.

  • Host a webinar with female coaches on TNAs and PDPs (perhaps only applicable to coaches at a certain coaching level).

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