Sense of Belonging

Keep in touch with your female coaches and keep them involved in coaching surveys, local and national networks and ask for feedback on how you, as an organisation, are doing in supporting coaches. 

All coaches feel valued when they belong to a group, when they feel they contribute to coaching programmes/education and their position is recognised. Organisations should also find ways of encouraging clubs to do the same.

Receiving payment for the work done also instills a sense of belonging and reward for a job well done. Clubs and sports are aware that it is no longer OK to pay male coaches and not pay female coaches (as was the case in the past for many women coaches).

CTK Image 2 table tennis

Chapter 4: Retention Suggested Actions

  • Run an annual survey for female coaches. Publish results/findings and show one or two key actions that the organisation wants to implement based on the coaches’ feedback.

  • Send a virtual Christmas card to all coaches thanking them for the time they give to volunteering/coaching.

  • Encourage clubs to run annual surveys with their coaches seeking feedback on how the club can support them.

  • Encourage clubs to run ‘Coaching Social Nights’ (or similar) for coaches to bond, get to know one another and feel a sense of belonging to the club.

  • Ensure the organisation, and advise clubs where necessary, that fair and transparent payment processes (where they exist) occur for all coaches regardless of gender.

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