Identify Measurable Milestones

Set goals at the start of the plan to ensure it stays on track against the agreed plan. Set short, medium and long-term goals to build an overall change within the coaching workforce. Suggested actions mentioned throughout this document can be used to help create the plan and its goals.

Measuring Success

What will success look like? Plans should include a numerical target that can be measured, e.g. increase in number of female coaches attending coaching courses/workshops, additional female coaches at an elite level, 4 regional female coaching networks established.

Measuring Impact

It is important to recognise that the work you start to do in this area may not have any measurable impact until 12 months/two years/five years later but it is important to set your measurements in place from the start, so you can report on your achievements and learn from the plan as it goes along.

Learn From What Doesn't Work, and Change it

Ongoing monitoring also helps you recognise what actions have been put in place that are not working. Learn from these mistakes and look to rectify them – how could you amend the approach to make it work?


Clear analysis is made of needs based on research, audit and consultation


Following assessment, utilising this toolkit, a plan is developed to support targeted outcomes for the recruitment, development and/or retention of women coaches


Communication to all stakeholders of the plan and implementation of it's actions


Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of eectiveness and impact of implemented actions