Conferences & Forums

Face to face networking and learning events are important. Though technology increasingly saves us time, social gatherings foster quality relationships and meaningful exchanges. Building relationships and a sense of belonging are both important values to women.

As we increasingly recognise the importance of diversity in coaching, it is also important to recognise that female coaches should not just engage with other female rugby coaches in an exclusive network.  Female coaches want to learn from other coaches (of both genders), in other sports and other countries.

At times, providing access to an event, e.g. Women in Coaching Conference, where women can meet other women who they have something in common with can help develop their self- confidence and build networks of ongoing support.

Basketball Ireland: Women in Coaching Forum

Mountaineering Ireland: Women with Altitude Conference

Rowing Ireland: Women in Coaching Networks

Rowing Ireland: Women into High Performance Coaching Pathway

coaches taking part in a workshop

Chapter 3: Developing Coaches Suggested Actions

  • Review all conferences and events against the bullet points listed above to ensure a diverse range of speakers and deliverers thus resulting in a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

  • Host an annual Women in Coaching Conference in your sport

  • Host a coaching conference for coaches of female teams (mixed gender but all involved with similar teams).

  • Host online coaching workshops for women coaches

  • Host online coaching workshops for coaches of female teams.

  • Offer to pay for coaches to attend International coaching workshops/courses. This also highlights how much you value and support the coach if their sport is willing to invest in their upskilling

  • Ensure all promotion and communication for conferences and events is welcoming and appealing to women, i.e. females are visible and pre-event information is sufficient.

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