Male Advocates

In a lot of sports, men make up the majority of the coaching numbers. They therefore have an important role in advocating for more women coaches and to support women coaches. Men involved in sport have an influence on:

  • Participants they coach (girls and boys, women and men).
  • Mothers and fathers of children they coach.
  • Women/men within their social circle.
  • Women coaches in their clubs or organisation.

Advocates can also be male role models in sport and coaching and can use their media status to promote the value of coaching to women and the value of women in coaching.

Female coach and male athlete walk and talk together.

Chapter 4: Retention Suggested Actions

  • Develop a campaign or ‘call to action’ for men to join in and support women coaches, e.g. ‘Male Champions of Female Coaches’. Create a week in the year where this tagline is used and all men are urged to find ways of championing women they know in coaching.

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