What Motivates Her


Understanding the values that women have in sport is important to recognising their motivations. There are two types of motivation, intrinsically motivated, which involves performing an action because you enjoy it, and extrinsically motivated, which involves engaging in a behaviour in order to gain reward. Understanding these motivations can help in your recruitment strategy.

Recent research from Sport Ireland on Women in Coaching has identified themes that motivate women to take part in coaching:

Social Influence

  • Seen as a role model
  • Seeing athlete skill development
  • To teach athletes
  • Positive interactions with players

Passion & Enjoyment

  • For the sport itself
  • From the athlete engagement
  • For the love of the sport
  • For the challenge

Club Reasons

  • To support the club
  • To keep the club running
  • To give back to the club/community

Outcome Orientated

  • Results
  • Achievement
  • Progress of the sport
interlocking circle of values. Text reads Social Influence, Passion and Enjoyment, Club Reasons, Outcome Orientated