Learning Formats

Modularise Learning in Different Formats

Traditionally, coach education training programmes take place in blocks. These training events often take coaches away from their homes and families, sometimes overnight and for many days. Some coaches may view this time away from their home lives as a barrier to developing their coaching skills.

Women still remain, on the whole, primary carers for their children and other family members, so time away creates logistical problems which cannot only make it difficult to attend the event, but also can create stress which could affect their ability to concentrate on their learning and achieve their potential.

These learning events could be modularised and delivered a day at a time over a longer period, with elements of learning delivered online. As technology develops, the number of different formats in which learning can be delivered is growing all the time. As such, individual learners are able to identify the ways in which they best learn, and can access learning.

Face-to-face contact, as previously mentioned, is still important to coaches, but modules can be delivered online which complement a specific learning programme by remaining both responsive and personalised. Webinars and online forums can still provide interaction while reducing the need for travel and going to the expense of booking costly venues.

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Chapter 3: Developing Coaches Suggested Actions

  • Think about how you currently deliver training to your coaches. Does the format of the delivery of the course suit their lifestyle and timing commitments? How often do you check if your training courses are effective?

  • Always record webinars and online workshops. Circulate these with your coaches so that those who were unavailable can watch back at a time that suits them.

  • If recording coach education webinars, release the audio format via podcast. This way coaches can listen to it while driving, exercising, etc.

  • Vary the location for training, for example, bring the workshop to the club rather than all the time regional, etc. Make it easy for coaches to attend.

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