How to use the Toolkit

Sports organisations are encouraged to use this toolkit on a regular basis. It should become the constant reference for all organisational planning relating to the coaching workforce (staff or volunteers) in sport. There is no one sport in Ireland that cannot benefit from understanding more on recruiting, developing or retaining women in coaching.

The toolkit will only be effective if there is full organisational support from the Board to staff and volunteers who are clear on their aims and objectives, and want to provide an environment where female coaches flourish. 

The information contained on this website replicates the PDF version which can be downloaded here.

The toolkit consists of four chapters and should be read in conjunction with Sport Ireland’s Women in Coaching Research Report .  This way you will understand the content and its relevance based on the research of female coaches.


Each Chapter can be identified on the left hand side menu. Contained within each chapter are a series of sub-headings.  You can access these via the left hand side menu, or move forward/backward through the document by clicking on the subheadings located top and bottom of the page.

Clicking the Up button at the top or bottom of the page you are on will bring you back to the first page of the chapter you are currently in. 

Chapter One

Chapter 1: Planning is vital to any further actions your organisation might undertake in relation to developing plans for women in coaching. You are encouraged to start with Chapter 1.  The relevance of Chapters Two, Three and Four depend on the specific needs of the organisation and we encourage you to move between them depending on the plans you are putting in place.

Suggested Actions List

As you work your way through the Toolkit you will regularly see a Suggested Action box. These actions have been added to provide suggestions of tasks or actions for your organisation to support the recruitment, development or retention of female coaches.

There are two ways to use the Suggested Actions List. 

  1.  Print the full list of suggested actions which is located at the end of each chapter
  2. Add actions that are relevant to your organisation to your personal action list as you work through the Toolkit. You can then view and print your personalised action list. This list can then be used by your and your team, you can merge them into your own plans or use them as conversation pieces in planning meetings with others when discussing women in coaching. Your Personal Action List can be downloaded at any time.
Circular process with the text Recruitment, Development, Retention, High Performance encircling the word Planning