Ballard Waterfall Trail

PLEASE NOTE: This trail is temporarily closed due to a lot of damage caused by Storm Barra, which has resulted in trees falling across and blocking the trail as well as broken railings. The damage will be repaired as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

County Cork
7 reviews
Lat. and Long. 52.234549, -8.183347

Thea-Iren from Clare

Very well sign posted. Waterfall itself is a highlight of the trail. Wonderful secluded spot. There is challenging climb after the waterfall. Take your time and breaks going up this slope.Shame that the storms have taken down a lot of trees along the trail but it is all cleared up.

Elaine from Cork

Most of the trail is on a country road but the trail takes you into a deep v shape valley which is well managed and very pretty. Lovely waterfall with nice decking viewing platform. Not suitable for wheelchairs. Charlie from Cork's description of the trail is very concise.

Lia from Cork

Lovely little trail and very quiet. Enjoyed the walk and not too difficult or long.

Charlie’s review and instructions are really helpful so if you’re thinking of walking the trail have a read of his review for directions.

Yvonne Beardsworth from Cork

Great views well signposted and we were blessed with lovely weather

Ruth@Wildaboutnature from Cork

Lovely trail, on road for a good bit but fairly quiet. Loved walking through the fields and forests down to the waterfall. A good example of what Ireland can do when landowners and walking bodies cooperate!

Will from Limerick

Brilliant trail, very well posted and a perfect little car park. Kids loved the waterfall but the last leg of the trail is on a busy ish road. Will definitely be back.

Charlie from Cork

First of all you have got to set your phone to Google maps and enter" Mountain Barrack ". This is your starting point. There's a car park across the road. As you face the white building with Mountain Barrack on it, you are going to head off to your RIGHT. You are going by the blue arrows on the trail posts. Care to be taken at both start and finish of this walk, as you are walking on main roads. About 1 km you will come to your 2nd trail indicator. Turn down to your Right again..... this is a country Boreen. Continue 'til you arrive at a Metal Bridge. As per usual when you come to Electrical Fences DO NOT TRY TO STEP OVER THEM. There is a plastic sleeve at one end that you can use to remove this wire... MAKE SURE TO REPLACE THIS WIRE BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL POSITION.. You are now into the woods and the waterfall is very well sign posted ... There are 2 timber bridges to cross over the water so no need to get your feet wet. There are timber steps to the base of the waterfall... ENJOY... After that continue to follow the blue markers on the posts. This will bring you around on the loop of this trail but again back to a main road. MAINTAIN ROAD SAFETY AT ALL TIME'S ..... and it's about 1.5 km back to the Mountain Barrack car park. Hopefully this review will be helpful.

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