Upcoming Events and Programmes

coaches taking part in a workshop

This section identifies upcoming events and programmes delivered by Sport Ireland Coaching. Please refer to the relevant section below for further information.

Certificate in Sports Coach Development

Information on upcoming programmes that lead to the Certificate in Sports Coach Development (QQI recognised award) are available here. This programme is for experienced sports coaches who want to be involved in the development and support of coaches. The programme enables learners to deliver coach education courses accredited under the Coaching Devleopment Programme for Ireland (CDPI) with a National Governing Body of sport (NGB) and to design and deliver coach support programmes in formal and non-formal settings. Applicants for this programme must be nominated by their NGB.

Coach Developer Assessor Training

This training is for experienced Coach Developers who would like to support the development of Coach Developers in their NGB and assess trainee Coach Developers. Applicants must hold a CDPI Coach Developer qualification. Information on Coach Developer Assessor training can be found here

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Opportunities for Coach Developers and Coach Developer Assessors

Information on upcoming CPD opportunities for existing Coach Developers and Coach Developer Assessors can be found here. Applicants must be qualified Coach Developers or Coach Developer Assessors to avail of the relevant CPD.

Tutor Training

Sport Ireland Coaching offer tutor training programmes in a number of different areas (see below). These programmes enable learners to deliver workshops in the relevant area. Dates for upcoming tutor training programmes will be identified here, once available.

  • Physical Literacy Tutor Training
  • Coaching Children Tutor Training
  • Coaching Teenage Girls Tutor Training