About Sport Ireland Coaching


Vision and Mission

Sport Ireland Coaching is responsible for the development of coaches* at all levels of sport in Ireland in cooperation with sporting bodies (see Sport Ireland Act 2015, 8:1;l). Our vision is 'Good coaching makes THE difference'. Our Mission includes:

  • A trained and qualified coach for every participant, player or athlete
  • Relevant and accessible education, training, qualifications and support for every coach
  • Common national standards for coach education, training and awards.

* The term 'coach' is used in its widest sense to include coaches, instructors and leaders working with participants in competitive and non-competitive sport, physical activity and outdoor recreation.

Sport Ireland Coaching was previously known as the National Coaching and Training Centre (1992-2008) and Coaching Ireland (2008-2015).


Sport Ireland Coaching works with their partners to:

  1. Lead the development of the sports coaching system
  2. Raise the standard of, and recognition for coaches and coaching
  3. Support the development and delivery of more training and learning opportunities for all coaches and to make these more relevant and accessible
  4. Implement appropriate and accessible supports for new as well as experienced coaches
  5. Be a leader in the delivery of education and training in the sports sector


Sport Ireland Coaching's main partners are the National Governing Bodies (NGBs). Sport Ireland Coaching works with over 50 NGBs. A list of NGBs recognised by Sport Ireland can be viewed here. Since its inception in 1992, Sport Ireland Coaching has been involved in the training and certification of over 222,000 coaches. The Coaching Plan 2020-2025 guides the work of Sport Ireland Coaching and is informed by the National Sports Policy 2018-2027 and the Sport Ireland Strategy 2018-2022.