Coaching Committee

The purpose of the Coaching Committee is to assist and advise Sport Ireland in relation to its functions relating to the development of coaching and coaches.  In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee:

  • Assists and advises Sport Ireland in the development of Coaches and Coach Developers at all levels in sport, and, in co-operation with sporting bodies
  • Provides technical advice to Sport Ireland with regard to the core work areas of coach development and education.
  • Makes recommendations on the direction of policy and strategy for the development of coaching to the Board of Sport Ireland.
  • Reviews, and recommends on, best practice in coaching from a national and international perspective.
  • Assists with the alignment of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland onto the National Framework of Qualifications and European Qualifications Framework respectively.
Membership and Procedures

The Minister appoints the chairperson of the Coaching Committee in accordance with paragraph 6(6) of Schedule 1 of the Sport Ireland Act, 2015.  All other members of the Committee will be appointed by the Board of Sport Ireland.  The Committee acts in accordance with the Standing Orders of Sport Ireland and meets at least 3 times a year.

Conditions of Office

Committee members are bound by the provisions of the Sport Ireland Act, 2015.  Apart from the Chairperson, Committee members shall hold office for a period not exceeding three years after which time the Board of Sport Ireland will determine whether the member should serve for a further period.

A member of a committee may be removed at any time from membership of the committee by –

  • Sport Ireland, where the member was appointed by the Board
  • The Minister, where the member was appointed under paragraph 6(6) of Schedule 1 of the Sport Ireland Act, 2015.

Committee members shall fulfill their duties as members of the Committee with reasonable care, skill and to the best of their ability and will abide by the reasonable directions of the Chairperson of the Committee and/or Sport Ireland.