Ecological and Heritage considerations for Outdoor Development

Course Aim

To raise awareness of the importance and value of protecting the natural environment and heritage features in outdoor developments


  • What is biodiversity? What is heritage? Why are they important? Examples of habitats and species of high nature conservation value and important heritage features.
  • The main environmental and heritage considerations when developing outdoor amenities- potential issues and opportunities.
  • Best practice approach to protecting biodiversity and heritage features on a site.
  • The legal framework protecting biodiversity and heritage in Ireland.
  • Putting it into practice: working through examples.
  • Where to find the relevant information and advice; who to consult.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of biodiversity and heritage, and be aware of the main habitats and species, and types of heritage features in Ireland (i.e. Annex habitats and species, national monuments, protected structures etc.).
  • Identify potential environmental and heritage issues and opportunities in a proposed outdoor recreation development.
  • Understand the legal framework protecting biodiversity and heritage in Ireland and the importance of considering environmental issues at the outset of projects to avoid delays associated with legal protections.
  • Be aware of best practice in relation to protecting the natural environment (e.g. trees, waterbodies, birds, bats etc.) and heritage features.
  • Engage with the appropriate agencies, organisations and individuals to ensure that all legislative and other requirements are met, and the natural environment/heritage is protected.

Target Audience

  • Planning and developing outdoor recreation amenities
  • Managing, maintaining and upgrading outdoor developments
  • e.g. RSS/ TÚS supervisors and staff, local authority staff, rural recreation officers, outdoor amenity committee members, community groups and volunteers
ecological and Heritage Course

Ecological and Heritage considerations for Outdoor Development