Archery is a universal sport that has something for all ages, and all abilities.  The sport in Ireland is carried out by the many clubs and societies that meet for training and competition on a weekly basis.  As a universal sport there is no maximum or minimum age to try your hand at this ancient sport that inspires romantic images of Robin Hood , Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games.

Irish archers are training and competing across all levels of the sport from recreational club level through to international competitions.  One of the great attractions of the sport is the universality, all ages, genders and ability share the shooting line, so you could be standing beside a beginner, a veteran or the newest Irish Olympian.

How can I get involved?

Each Archery Club runs a 6 week beginner course, which will provide the basic knowledge and skills in archery. To find your nearest Archery club, please get in touch with Archery Ireland using the below contact details.

National Governing Body Contact Information

Archery Ireland, Irish Sports HQ, National Sports Campus, Snugborough Road, Dublin, D15 DY62