Coaching Development Programme for Ireland


    The Coaching Development Programme for Ireland, formerly the National Coaching Development Programme (NCDP), aims to facilitate the development of coaching and coach education in Ireland. The programme is managed by Sport Ireland Coaching and operates in partnership with National Governing Bodies and other agencies to develop an internationally recognised coach education system.

    The CDPI first cycle was launched by the National Coaching and Training Centre in 1993 and was reviewed and relaunched in 1999. It was subsequently included in the Coaching Strategy for Ireland 2008.

    There are currently over 50 National Governing Bodies engaged in the programme, training and certifying 25,000 coaches each year on 130 different accredited Coach and Instructor awards.  Since its inception in 1993, over 222,000 people have been trained and certified as Coaches through the programme.

    The CDPI currently consists of 2 “Frameworks” each of which set out core common knowledge & competencies for coaches, Instructors and leaders working across different sports, activities and environments.

    They are;

    • Competition Coach Framework
    • Adventure Sport Instructor  Framework