Athlete Welfare

The Sport Ireland High Performance Strategy 2021-2032 will be delivered under the philosophy that our athletes and the people who support them are at the heart of everything we do. As we embark on achieving the objectives of this strategy, Sport Ireland has developed an Athlete Welfare Policy. This policy will ensure that our philosophy and values remain central to our high performance system as we endeavour to achieve greater success. This policy is considered as a reference point for those operating within the high performance system. It serves to guide athletes and NGBs on best practice in relation to athlete welfare and support. It sets out the standard of experience that an NGB should strive to provide for an athlete that engages in their high performance programme. It also establishes the roles and responsibilities of athletes, NGBs, and Sport Ireland in ensuring the high performance system is working towards a clear set of values.

To view the full Athlete Welfare Policy, please click on below document

Sport Ireland have also developed a maternity policy for athletes on the International Carding Scheme. To view the full Maternity Policy, please click on below document

Athlete Welfare Policy

Maternity Policy for Carded Athletes