Importance of Male Support

The Importance of Male Support in Driving the Recruitment, Development and Retention of Female Coaches

Male advocates, sponsors and champions are needed in sport to support and drive changes in process, policy and awareness, to ensure that women have real access to roles at the highest level to benefit sport as a whole.

When you look at your current coaching workforce, are your male coaches sufficiently aware and confident to support their female peers developing as coaches within the game?

It is important that the sports organisation advocates for its entire coaching workforce to support and welcome women as coaches. Unfortunately bullying and harassment in sport is commonplace, even more startling is the sexist behaviour exhibited by male coaches towards their female peers.

L. Norman, Rankin Wright, & Allison, 2018

Chapter 1: Planning Suggested Actions

  • The United Nations (UN) launched an international campaign #HeforShe which resolves to promote gender equality by raising awareness among men so that they can play a role in supporting women. This campaign and its sentiments could easily translate into coaching.

  • Helping men to understand their role through campaigns and education, for example, Canadian Women and Sport, ‘What is Your Role?’ and Tucker Centre ‘Be an Ally’ (which are referenced in the Case Studies section).

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