NGB Investment

A key focus of Sport Ireland is to assist NGBs to develop sustainable and effective structures with the aim of increasing numbers of participants and volunteers in sport and ensuring long term sustainability of NGBs. To this end, Sport Ireland invests in NGBs in line with its strategic priorities. 

Many NGBs receive funding from Sport Ireland to support their core operations. This grant covers the implementation of strategic plans and participation programmes, coach development, the hosting of events, the employment of professional staff and the administration costs of developing and delivering the sport.

When investing in NGBs Sport Ireland takes into account the national significance of each sport, quality of programmes & operations, levels of participation, membership, volunteerism and social capital.

Sport Ireland expects that NGBs in receipt of significant levels of funding will deliver against Sport Irelands stated aims and wider government policy at a community level.

Sport Ireland also wishes to see a diverse range of sports available to the Irish public and continues to invest in a wide variety of NGBs.  Sport Ireland acknowledges that smaller NGBs will be limited in their capacity to deliver on wider government policy. 

All NGBs are expected to demonstrate that they are fit for purpose and are in compliance with core legal, governance, ethical, operational, risk management,  taxation and fiduciary policies.