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Developing Inspiring Volleyball Activators

Developing Inspiring Volleyball Activators -DIVA!

What is the DIVA Programme? 

The Volleyball Ireland DIVA programme is a pilot project funded through Sport Ireland Women in Sport funding. It focuses on female college students and empowers them to increase participation in volleyball in their college. Each DIVA will be provided with training, equipment and resources to establish social volleyball in their college. This can be in the form of traditional volleyball or sitting volleyball which is designed for people with a physical disability and/or mobility issues. 

What are the Aims of the DIVA programme? 
  • Increase social and recreational participation in sport
  • Develop coaching/leadership capacity within the student population
  • Encourage students to be more active
  • Create a sustainable pathway from beginner participation to competitive performance
  • Provide opportunities for students with a physical activity to be involved in sport
What are the benefits of the programme to the DIVA?
  • Develop transferable skills that will benefit future employability
  • Gain leadership skills and experience
  • Have an impact and make a difference to fellow students
  • Receive free sports coaching qualifications

Who is a DIVA?

She is positive

and enthusiastic

She is full of energy

She is full of chats

She can organise people

She is good on Social Media

She has a can do attitude

She’s passionate about getting people active

She likes to encourage others

She likes to make others happy

She probably likes Volleyball!

Volleyball Ireland

How it works

  1. DIVAs are recruited by the college and Volleyball Ireland
  2. Volleyball Ireland host a 1 day training day
  3. The DIVA organises weekly social volleyball activity in their college
  4. The programme runs for 8 weeks culminating in a nationally organised fun social blitz
  5. Throughout the programme the DIVA is supported by Volleyball Ireland
  6. DIVAs have the opportunity to progress in Volleyball Leadership and the team discover a life long love for Volleyball