Swim Ireland - Open Water Swimming

Swim Ireland are helping you to take to the Open Water for European Week of Sport 2021. All the Open Water Events focus on getting out, being active and completing your own personal challenge. Some have a competitive element and prizes, but everyone is welcome, especially  those who want to take it at their own pace.

During European Week of Sport 2021, Swim Ireland will host five Open Water Events at Lough Key, Wicklow Harbour, Bray, Courtown and Rosslare. There are swims for novices, swims for teenagers, endurance challenges and fun races. Choose wetsuit or no wetsuit in all swims, and feel free to take in the scenery or race for the prizes!  In all the Swim Ireland Open Water Events, whatever your goals are, you will leave smiling.

Some of the main events are below: 

Saturday 18th Swim Ireland Lough Key Swim 
Saturday 25th Swim Ireland Wicklow Harbour Swim
Saturday 25th Swim Ireland Bray Swim
Sunday 26th Swim Ireland Courtown Swim
Sunday 26th Swim Ireland Rosslare Swim
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