Better Boards Stronger Sport Toolkit

10 Oct 2013

A new Better Boards, Stronger Sport toolkit has been launched to help sport and recreation organisations improve their governance across Europe. It comes as part of a European Commission project, which Sport Ireland has been a key part of.

What is Better Boards, Stronger Sport?

The Better Boards Stronger Sport project has been carried out by the Sport and Recreation Alliance in partnership with seven other countries to improve governance across Europe. Led by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, the group has produced a toolkit to empower European sports organisations to take responsibility for governing their future successfully. It has been built on three underlying principles:

1.The board is the key: The board is the core from which all good governance flows.

2.Sports governance is unique: Any lessons learnt from corporate governance need to be adapted for sport's specific needs.

3.Governance is not a tick box exercise: Real improvement will only be achieved if the sports movement is allowed to drive themselves forward.

The toolkit is organised into three key sections:

1.The ten features of good governance - outlines the key features of good sports governance as identified by the sports movement.

2.Case studies - sharing best practice examples of how organisations have implemented the ten features of good sports governance.

3.Tools and resources - tools to help organisations implement the ten features of good sports governance.