Sports Medicine

Sports & Exercise medicine is a medical specialty that manages musculoskeletal injuries and assists athletes in dealing with a broad range of challenges they may face when performing at an elite level. Ultimately our aim is to support athletes through their career and optimize health whist competing and for later in their life. We work closely with other service provides at the SII, providing a unique holistic approach to health care of athletes. Different sports and environments pose different challenges to athletes and our experienced team of doctors are familiar with these and aim to identify and manage issues early and pre-emptively.  

Return to play

Sports medicine works closely with other members of the performance support team in provided thorough and closely monitored return to play programs. The sports medicine team works closely with hospital colleagues and specialists to integrate care and provide timely diagnosis and management plans. The sports medicine team provide guidance to athletes and coaches particularly in Complex case management, which often presents with high performance athletes. Sports medicine doctors at the SII refer to experts outside the institute including orthopedic surgeons, medical physicians and medical professionals in a network that has taken years to develop, with people who understand the requirements of elite sport.

Annual screening

Pre-Participation Evaluation (PPFE) is led by a Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant and establishes the athletes’ overall health status and detects medical conditions or lifestyle choices that might predispose an athlete to injury or limit your ability to perform at their best. Some PPE are a mandatory requirement for international and national competition. Screening is done annually for sports and routinely as part of this they will undergo, cardiac screen, blood check, full physical examination, concussion baseline testing, and spirometry.

We work closely with the OFI and OFI service team leaders in planning for international competitions, such as the Tokyo Olympic games 2021.