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HPX Nutrition

HPX Nutrition 2021

Breaking Down and Building Back Up: Bone Health, Injury and Recovery in Athletes Hosted by Sport Ireland Institute in association with The National Dairy Council

The day aimed to improve knowledge on:

  • practical recovery strategies for athletes, with a particular emphasis on sleep and travel
  • nutrition to support bone health and recovery from injury
  • barriers that athletes may face in applying these strategies

Morning Session: Recovery & Tokyo focus 

Prof Shona Halson – Professor Shona Halson is from Australia’s Catholic University (ACU’s) School of Behavioural and Health Sciences and prior to this was the Head Recovery Physiologist at the Australian Institute of Sport for over 15 years

Toni Rossiter – Toni Rossiter is a Performance Physiologist at the Sport Ireland Institute.  She is currently completing her PhD entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Travel, Acclimatisation and Recovery Strategy for Irish Athletes Competing at Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games”.

Rónán Doherty - Rónán lectures at Letterkenny Institute of Technology and is also a member of the Sport Ireland Institute, Performance Nutrition team.  Rónán will present research completed prior to the Tokyo Olympic games focusing on nutrition, sleep, and athlete recovery.

Panel discussion & reflections on Tokyo athletes’ experiences

Afternoon Session: Bone Health and Injury Nutrition 

Dr Eimear Dolan – Eimear is a member of the Applied Physiology and Nutrition Research Group of the University of São Paulo.  Her primary research interests include the influence of low energy availability on health and performance, the bone response to nutrition and exercise, pH regulation and high-intensity exercise performance, and female physiology.

Professor Keith Baar – Keith Baar is a professor of Molecular Exercise Physiology at University of California Davis and a renowned tendon training researcher and expert.  Keith’s current work is focused on how loading and nutrition alter tendon/ligament/ECM health and performance.

Dr Danielle Logue – Danielle completed her PhD in 2020 focusing primarily on the screening for low energy availability in male and female athletes.  She is currently working in Sport Ireland Institute as a Performance Nutritionist specialising in the detection and prevention of RED-s.

HPX Nutrition 2020

Run in partnership with the National Dairy Council, HPX Nutrition 2020 moved online for the first time and the conference was brought to life in the form of a webinar series entitled ‘Behaviour Change – The Real Game Changer?’

The aim of this webinar series was to:

  • Provide practical strategies to help support behaviour change in athletic populations

  • Understand the challenges faced by athletes in applying the advice given

  • Understand how environmental and economic factors can influence behaviours

  • Understand how the wider support team can work together to support behaviour change


Day  1 Thursday 15th October 

Dr Tim AnstissUsing motivational interviewing to help athletes become more ready to change - focus on spirit, relationship, principles and processes. 

Dr Kirstie McAdoo'SusTRAINability’ - a focus on how a diet filled with sustainable, indigenous food can help the athlete, local producers and the environment all at the same time.

Dan Martin'Using Behaviour Change Science to Develop Systemic Nutrition Behaviour Change Strategies in Professional Sports'

Panel Discussion and Q&A

DAY 2 - Thursday 22nd October 

Dr Tim AnstissUsing motivational interviewing to help athletes become more ready to change -focus on strategies, tools and behaviour change techniques.

Prof Sue Backhouse – ‘Protecting the integrity of sport and the welfare of athletes: A behavioural science approach’

Dr Deirdre Robertson – ‘Physical activity interventions for the general population: theory and testing’ - Behaviour Change research from ESRI

Dr Katie LydonPeriods are pivotal. Period

Close of session and Key Take Away Messages