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HPX Nutrition

HPX Nutrition 2022

Let’s Dive into the Diversication of Sports Nutrition - Hosted by Sport Ireland Institute in association with The National Dairy Council

Thursday 29th September 2022, Live from the Conference Centre Sport Ireland Campus

The day aims to improve knowledge on the diversity of nutritional strategies available to support athletes taking into consideration some of the following:

Age | Sex | Sport | Body composition

More specifically this study day aims to provide an understanding of:

  • The potential relationship between the different hormonal profiles in the female life cycle and their influence on nutritional practices in female athletes
  • The role of dietary protein and muscle conditioning and how this may vary across the life cycle 
  • The main diversity issues surrounding ethnicity, nationality, age, cultural background and religion within professional football.
  • The challenges and attitudes around nutrition, body composition, performance and aesthetics in professional cycling across disciplines and genders.
  • The nutritional considerations of the para-athlete This day will be of interest to support professionals working with sport; dietitians, nutritionists, physiologists, physiotherapists, S&C coaches, coaches, managers, athletes and performance directors, academics and students with an interest in sports nutrition.