Panel Membership

Sport Ireland Institute are inviting applications from suitably qualified service providers who wish to be included on the Panel.

To be appointed onto a Panel, applications will initially be examined by reference to their completeness and compliance with the requirements set out in the document below. All compliant applications will be assessed in accordance with the Qualification Criteria set out at Section 4.

The appointment onto the Panel does not constitute a guarantee from Sport Ireland to procure any services from those appointed onto the Panel.

An applicant may submit for one, or more of the following Lots:

Lot 1:         High Performance Sports Medicine

Lot 2:         High Performance Sports Physiotherapy

Lot 3:         High Performance Sport Performance Analysis

Lot 4:         High Performance Sport Physiology

Lot 5:         High Performance Sport Performance Psychology

Lot 6:         High Performance Sport Clinical Psychology

Lot 7:         High Performance Sport Nutrition

Lot 8:         High Performance Sport Strength and Conditioning

Lot 9:         High Performance Sport Lifeskills and Individual Performance Planning

Lot 10:       High Performance Sport Coach Development

Lot 11:      High Performance Sport Athletic Training and Therapy

Lot 12:      High Performance Sports Soft Tissue Therapy

Applicants may apply at any time for inclusion on the Panels.   The Panels will be continually open for applications.