Implementing the Code

How to Use the Governance Code for Sport

Below is a step-by-step description of the journey you must take in order to achieve full adoption of the Governance Code for Sport.


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Step 1 - Read the Code

Read the Code here to satisfy yourself that it will help lead your organisation on a journey to success.

The Code is in three main parts:

  1. The five principles underpinning the standard and their sub-principles.
  2. The definitions of the different organisational types (see step 2 below).
  3. The list of recommended practices for each of the principles and sub-principles for a particular organisational type.​

Step 2 - Identify your Organisation Type

​​Identify your Organisational Type from the three categories outlined below and assess what parts of the Code are applicable to your particular organisation.

Click here to view the Organisation Types. 

Step 3 - Tell us that you are Starting your Adoption Journey

Inform us via e-mail to that you are going to start to use the Code. 

You do this by completing the 'On the Adoption Journey Form' as outlined in Appendix 1 of the  Governance Code Guide.  We will then add your organisation's name to the publicly available register of 'On the Adoption Journey' organisations on the Sport Ireland website.

Being ‘On the Adoption Journey’ means that your organisation has made a formal commitment to undertake a process to comply with the Code. It does not mean that it has complied with the Code.

Step 4- Review and Improve Practices (use the appropriate checklist)

​Fill in the appropriate checklist for your Organisational Type by:


  1. Identifying the recommended practices you think you need to introduce to comply with each principle (you can do this on the Organisations Type page, once you are done reading these Getting Started steps).

  2. Ranking the recommended practices that need to be addressed in order of priority and assigning a reasonable deadline for your organisation to achieve these practices. 

  3. Work towards achieve these practices. (We know that introducing the identified practices and achieving compliance with the Code may take several months or perhaps longer. This will depend on the level of change required in your organisation.)

If your board believes that the organisation complies with the Governance Code, and has made a decision about this that is minuted at a board meeting, then go to Step 5

Step 5 - Complete & Submit the Relevant Forms to Sport Ireland

  • Submit both of these forms to Sport Ireland by e-mail via

    ​At this point, once confirmed by Sport Ireland, your organisation's name will be entered on our website's Compliance Register and is then considered compliant for three years from the date of the board meeting at which your organisation declared itself compliant. This is the date that you include in your ‘Public Statement of Compliance.’ ​You can then move to Step 6.

Step 6 - Public Statement of Compliance

You may now display the 'Public Statement of Compliance' together with the 'Comply or Explain Form' if relevant publicly, for example on your office wall, in your annual report/newsletter and on your website.

Sport Ireland will also make this information available via the website.

State in your public materials:

“We confirm that our organisation complies with the Governance Code for Sport”.

Step 7 - Ongoing Self Assessment

Each year you should self-assess your practices against those recommended in this Code, to ensure that you are still compliant.  This review should be done by, or approved by, the Board.

Every third year, you need to let Sport Ireland know that your Board has reviewed your practices and still considers that the organisation is compliant with the Code.  You do this by re-submitting the ‘Public Statement of Compliance Form’ and the Comply or Explain Form’ via e-mail to, noting any changes or updates to the recommended practices.

When the new date to which you are now considered compliant is uploaded to the ‘Compliance Register’ on the Sport Ireland website, you can continue to say that your organisation is compliant with the Code.