Anti-Doping Rule Violation - Issued on behalf of the Gaelic Athletic Association and Sport Ireland

30 Apr 2020
David Gash

The Gaelic Athletic Association and Sport Ireland today jointly announced that Raymond Walker has committed an anti-doping rule violation.

Mr Walker has accepted a period of ineligibility of 4 years commencing on February 18, 2020.

In a doping control test at a training session on February 18, 2020, he provided a sample, which tested positive for the presence of a prohibited substance, Meldonium. Mr Walker was notified of the positive test on March 30.

On April 1, Mr Walker accepted the imposition of a 4 year ban and waived his right to a hearing.

On the April 8, Sport Ireland issued its reasoned decision to Mr Walker pursuant to Article 7.6.4, imposing the 4 year ban.

The reasoned decision referred to the right of appeal available to WADA, the GAA and to Mr Walker within 21 days of receipt of this decision by these parties.

On April 21, Mr Walker filed an appeal of the reasoned decision and sought a reduced ban.

From media reports on Wednesday, April 28, it appeared that Mr Walker was again accepting a 4 year ban without the need for a hearing and yesterday morning, April 29, Mr Walker confirmed to Sport Ireland that he had withdrawn his appeal.

The reasoned decision is available here.