Anti-Doping Rule Violation - Issued on behalf of Motorsport Ireland and Sport Ireland

18 Aug 2020
David Gash

Sport Ireland and Motorsport Ireland announced today that Mr Kenneth (Ken) Daly has committed violations of Article 2.3, …without compelling justification, refusing or failing to submit to Sample collection after notification as authorised under these Rules or other anti-doping rules”, and Article 2.5, “conduct which subverts the Doping Control process… providing fraudulent information to an Anti-Doping Organisation…” of the Irish Anti-Doping Rules.

Mr. Daly has been sanctioned by the imposition of a period of ineligibility of 4 years which will expire on 13th May 2023.

Following his participation in a karting event at White River Park, Collon, Co Louth on 9 July 2017, Mr Daly committed a violation of Article 2.3 by not submitting to sample collection after notification and did not have a compelling justification for doing so. Mr Daly violated Article 2.5 by providing letters purporting to be from a doctor’s surgery, which he knew to be false, to Sport Ireland to justify not providing a sample.

The Irish Sport Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel (“the Panel”) found that Sport Ireland had established to its comfortable satisfaction that Mr Daly had breached both Article 2.3 and Article 2.5 and imposed a period of ineligibility of 4 years.

Mr Daly is therefore prohibited from participating in sport in any capacity (e.g. coach, runner, mechanic etc) pursuant to Article 10.8 of the Rules, either as an Athlete or Athlete Support Person.

A summary form of the decision of the Panel is available here.

The summary form of the decision is being published to protection sensitive data relating to witnesses in the matter.