Camoige Association M.N.A

Mentor Nurture Aspire - M.N.A

What is the M.N.A Programme?

The M.N.A Programme is an initiative from the Camoige Association to increase the number of women and girls participating in the sport. This will be achieved through increasing the sustained involvement of women in camoige, primarily as coaches and mentors at the grass roots level of the organisation. The focus of the programme is on the coaching element of the Sport Ireland Women in Sport Policy. 

What are the aims of the M.N.A Programme?
  • Positively enhance perceptions about females in sport
  • Increase the number of female coaches through recruitment, development and retention
  • Identify and develop female mentors at grassroots level to help with the development and support of female coaches along their coaching pathway
  • Create and deliver a model at local club level to enhance the development of female coaches where the greatest impact will be felt and seen
  • Increase opportunities for women to engage, enjoy and excel in all aspects of sport at a level of their choice

Qualities of a M.N.A Club









Qualities and traits of a M.N.A Mentor

Willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise

Demonstrates a positive attitude and act as a positive role model

Takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship

Exhibits  enthusiasm in the field

Values ongoing learning and growth in the field of coaching

Provides guidance

Respected by club executive and members