What is it? 

Gov-Enhance is Sport Ireland's new sector specific Governance Support Programme. It brings together a range of existing and new support offerings in to one distinct programme, in support of our ongoing commitment to continuously build the Governance Capability in the sports sector.


Who is it for?

Gov-Enhance is available to employees and Board members in Sport Ireland funded bodies, who have a responsibility for building the Governance Capability within their organisation.


Programme elements include:

  • Role Specific Networks (Chairpersons, Secretaries, etc.)
    • Targeted networking events that enable peer to peer learning, support and knowledge sharing.
  • Seminars & Masterclasses
    • A series of learning events led by governance experts across a range of subject areas.
  • Accredited/Certified Training Opportunities
    • Access to training opportunities which can lead to certified awards for participants.
  • eLearning Resources
    • Access to a range of eLearning platforms and content focused on enhancing governance knowledge, including support in fully adopting the Governance Code.
  • Advisory Services
    • Access to free advice from industry experts in the area of Governance.


When will it commence?

The Programme will commence in Autumn 2023. Information on programme activity will be circulated to the sector on a regular basis throughout the year.

Gov-Enhance Brochure