The Governance Code - Organisational Types

The content in the Governance Code for Sport checklists and associated text have been adopted by Sport Ireland from those that were were last updated in October 2016 by the Governance Code Working Group (GCWG).  They have been newly rebranded and presented by Sport Ireland in 2020 to help make the process clearer to sports organisations.  All organisations engaging with the Code, whether already fully compliant, on the adoption journey or just  started, should reference the newly rebranded and updated Code only.

Download the full Governance Code Guide here

The Code caters for three types of organisations. The three categories may broadly be thought of as 'small, medium and large,' although size is not as much a factor as the role of the board and staffing structure.  All sports organisations should be able to find the type which is most appropriate to them, understanding that inevitably there will be some organisations that do not fit perfectly into any of these categories.


  1. Type A organisations
  2. Type B organisations
  3. Type C organisations

Visit the Resources page for a composite document of all three Organisation Types.

Below is a description of each of these three types of organisations. You have to decide which description best matches your organisation. Follow the guideline actions for the type of organisation you believe you are. If you feel that none of these definitions describes your organisation, choose the type that comes the closest and follow the guidelines for that particular type.