Safeguarding & Wellbeing considerations during Covid-19

28 May 2020
Caroline O'Mahony

Safeguarding & Wellbeing considerations during Covid-19

Sport Ireland want to ensure that child protection and wellbeing remains at the forefront of sport. To this end Sport Ireland have devised a Safeguarding & Wellbeing advisory note for Sporting Organisations. This advisory note seeks to provide support and guidance to sporting organisations who are adapting their engagement with children and young people during Covid-19.

The resource is broken down into a number of easy to follow areas. These are as follows;

  • Key Considerations for Sporting Organisations
  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing advice/guidance

The resource also contains useful links to a number of additional supports that can be accessed by Sporting Organisations.

Some of the key considerations contained within the advisory note are the importance of Sporting Organisations maintaining safe use of the internet in a distance learning environment and also to endeavour to assist parents & guardians in making them aware of the important role they can play in this environment.

Additional guidance in the advisory note comes in the form of information regarding maintaining communication, providing support & best practice guidance in the area of Safeguarding and to ensure that clubs and their members are fully supported on all the necessary elements of Safeguarding.

*Please note the information contained within this advisory note may be used by sporting organisations as a means of guidance and support during Covid-19 and beyond if they wish. The considerations and advice contained within the advisory note are merely that and have no legal or statutory footing.

Safeguarding and Wellbeing During Covid-19