SafeSport App

The Sport Ireland Safe Sport app is an information and guidance tool for everyone involved in sport for children and young people. The app is aimed at creating greater awareness and understanding about safeguarding and best practice principles in children's sport.

There are four key areas of the app which can be accessed from the home screen:

  • Leader/Coach
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Club/Organisation
  • Child/ Young Person

Within each section information and guidance is provided on "fair play", "good practice", "a child centred approach" and "should or should not". The app addresses how to report child welfare and protection concerns of suspected child abuse to TULSA Child and Family Agency and poor practice to the Club Children's Officer or National Children's Officer.

One of the key features of the App is a 'Travel Tracker' function. This allows parents and coaches who are driving someone else's child/children home, for example after a training session, to permit the child's parent or guardian to view and have oversight of their location for a specified period of time while they are travelling.