Education overview

Sport Ireland is committed to educating athletes so that they have a comprehensive understanding of the anti-doping rules and their rights and responsibilities.  

We want sportspeople, both elite athletes and up-and-coming athletes, to be aware of what they need to do to comply with the Irish anti-doping rules and to understand that doping presents a risk to their health, reputation, and career.   

We’re also focused on educating athlete support personnel and medical professionals about the role they play in helping to create a culture of clean sport and to assist athletes to comply with the rules. 

In order to do this, we invest in education programmes, seminars, outreach events and resources to help athletes understand what’s allowed and what’s not.

We also provide resources and advice through our Medication Check to help athletes avoid “inadvertently” breaking the rules.


We offer a range of education options, including:

  • Workshops: to educate athletes about anti-doping rules, WADA’s list of prohibited substances and doping methods; and how to avoid ‘inadvertently’ breaking the rules.
  • E-Learning: Sport Ireland has developed an eLearning programme to ensure that as many athletes as possible get access to anti-doping education.
  • Tutor Training: Sport Ireland train anti-doping tutors within NGB's to deliver education to their members. 
  • Resources: Wallet cards ,posters and videos to help athletes and their support teams to better understand anti-doping rules and their responsibilities. 

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