Return to Sport and Physical Activity - Summer Camps

The Expert Group on Return to Sport has issued three key points for clarification in relation to the operation of summer camps from June 29:

  • Numbers:  The restriction on numbers (‘15’) is lifted. However, caution is advised, as additional personnel will be required to monitor risk arising from Covid-19. Additional consideration should be given to the safeguarding recommendation (under 12s ratio 1:8, 12s and over ratio 1:10). The availability of space will be a factor in the numbers of participants.
  • Outdoor/Indoor:  Summer camps should be based outdoors with limited access to indoors in case of weather or the need for diverse activity. Indoor activity must be done under strict protocol and acknowledging the extra risk associated with indoor activity. The numbers accommodated for outdoor activity should give consideration for the necessity to move indoors at some point during the day (weather dependent).
  • Contact: Summer camps may allow a certain degree of contact in their activity in the sporting context. Organisers should observe good contact protocols off the field of play and be aware of the intensity, duration and nature of the activity that involves contact.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC) has issued specific guidance on the return to sports activities for children and adolescents. That guidance can be downloaded here.

Return to Sport Summer Camps