Rinn Duin - Castle Loop

It is with regret that we inform you this trail is temporarily CLOSED.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

County Roscommon
4 reviews
Lat. and Long. 53.5433656, -8.0045259

Robbie from Westmeath

Really enjoyed the trail,I walked with my 3 year old son and he really enjoyed steps/gates and some animals along the way. The signage can be a little bit confusing and a bummer that no dogs are allowed but overall we really enjoyed it.

Paul from Dublin

Sadly, like Mark Chilvers below, I arrived with my dog to be welcomed by a sign informing me that there are "NO DOGS ALLOWED - NO EXCEPTIONS". Having driven from Dublin I was more than a little disappointed. Of course had I consulted this website in advance I would have been forewarned. However I only visited 2 sites:

http://www.athlone.ie/visit/warren-point-looped-walk/ and


It's a poor effort on the part of official tourism bodies to leave out this information.

Mark Chilvers from Roscommon

Not happy.

Drove a fair way to get to walk, only to find that dogs not allowed (even though under full control)

Nothing on any website stating this (checked before I left home).

Waste of my time and money.

Gordon from United States

Had a great time hiking this trail. Wonderful easy walk across beautiful meadows with sheep and cows and their offspring. The trail crosses the peninsula and then winds along the shoreline past the 13th century fortification to the old castle. There were some informative if dog-eared displays on steel posts. The weather was cool and rainy but it was really fun. Do bring an extra pair of shoes for when you get back to your car. It was good to continue with the Warren Point Loop. It was fascinating to think that this spot was used by both Vikings and Normans.

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