Glenbarrow - Waterfall Loop

County Laois
7 reviews
Grade Strenuous
Length 4.2 km
Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Format Loop
Ascent 30 m
Dogs Allowed Under effective control
Waymarking Blue arrow on white background
Start Point
Carpark at Glenbarrow Forest Entrance
Finish Point
Carpark at Glenbarrow Forest Entrance
Nearest Town to Start Clonaslee
Grid Ref. N 367 081
Lat. and Long. 53.12272, -7.45026

This trail passes by the Glenbarrow Waterfall and takes in the steps through the woodland path and forest road back to the carpark.

Trail Management


Car parking coffee shop at Trailhead

OSI Maps

OSI Maps

Discovery Series Sheet 54
7 trail reviews
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Mairead from Laois

Be very careful. After the waterfall the walk becomes very dangerous. One slip, trip or wobble and you are dead or badly injured. There are no real warnings and it's too late by the time you know how dangerous it really is to turn back. After the waterfall should be shut off before someone dies. Walking should not mean putting your life in your hands.

Julia from Meath

Did this walk, well laid out. Lovely views, scenic and peaceful. I would recommend coming early as the trail can get busy.

Frank from Dublin

If you have the time do either the Old Mill Loop or Eco Walk, or both, as we did on 30th May. The cover most of the ground that the Waterfall Loop does and really nice walks. But if you don't have the time then you will definitely enjoy the Waterfall Loop and I guarantee you come back for more.

Anne Marie from Kilkenny

I have just read a review of the Waterfall Loop at Glenbarrow left by Ann from Laois. This is a trail I have recommended to a lot of friends who wanted a nice walk in that area. It is marked with blue arrows and there are maps available on Irish Trails and websites. Perhaps she just missed the arrows? It's such a lovely walk, may I suggest she give it another go? This Sunday morning there is a guided walk from Glenbarrow carpark for the Dawn Chorus (meet at 6.30 am) if Ann is interested she will be in good company and she won't get lost this time.

Anne from Laois

My cousin and I started this walk on Good Friday and after four hours

walking, came to the conclusion that we were lost, we tried to re-trace

our steps but nothing looked familiar.

We end up at the ridge of something, twenty kilometres from where we

started form, a lovely couple came to our rescue, and took pity on us

and took us back to the Waterfall.

So please be careful and stay on the route, we really enjoyed our walk

once we were back safe.

Thanks for the help to that lovely young couple.

Stephen leech from _none

Great walk for all ages. The river section is stunning. It's a hidden gem.

Paul from Offaly

I've done this loop many times. It is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours along a walk that is both easy and, in small parts, challenging. The walk is good for adults and kids alike however wheelchair or other mobility impaired people will find it a bit tough and may only be able to go so far. The walk takes you along the River Barrow with a cool picnic area on the flat rocks on the riverside. Further along is the waterfall which is fenced off but easy to climb over to the edge. Care with kids would be needed so best not let them climb the fence. Some people choose to return back the way they came from the falls but venture on where the terrain gets rougher and steeper and after an hour or so of climbing steadily you will have a gentle slope leading you back to the car park.

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