About Sport Ireland Outdoors

Ireland is a country that has fantastic opportunities for people to be active in the outdoors and this is an area which Sport Ireland would like to see growing and developing over the coming years. 

Sport Ireland Outdoors is dedicated to promoting and supporting participation in all forms of outdoor sport in Ireland and supporting the sustainable development of this sector in Irish sport.

Outdoor sports includes all sport and physical activity that can be undertaken in natural outdoor settings and includes recreational walking, cycling, water sports and land based adventure sports.

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What we do

  • Manage a National Trails Register and trail accreditation system in Ireland
  • Support the development of walking and cycling trail development in Ireland.
  • Support Greenway and Blueway Development
  • Support the development and promotion of recreational walking through the Get Ireland Walking initiative.
  • Support the development and promotion of cycling through the Get Ireland Cycling initiative
  • Develop and deliver education and training opportunities  for the outdoor development community
  • Promote responsible and sustainable use of our countryside through the Leave No Trace programme
  • Provide information about trail and outdoor recreation opportunities in Ireland on-line and through Open data platforms
  • Provide technical and financial support to partners including NGBs and LSPs to develop participation programmes in outdoor sports
  • Work with a number of Government Departments , State Agencies and other partners to develop policies and strategies to support the outdoor recreation in Ireland.
  • Provide technical input and support to Local Authorities, Local Development Companies and other bodies in the development of outdoor strategies at county level


Ciara Munnelly

Ciara is the Outdoor Recreation Manager for Sport Ireland Outdoors and is responsible for the operational management of the Outdoors unit team.

Ciara provides support in the ongoing development of the outdoors unit and is involved in developing new outdoor initiatives with partner bodies, coordinating education and supporting Blueway development. She is responsible for the development and promotion of outdoor sport and physical activity in Ireland while contributing to the delivery of Sport Ireland’s strategic vision.

Ciara enjoys partaking in horse riding, rugby and hiking. 

Doug Corrie

Doug is a project manager in the Sport Ireland Outdoors unit and also provides management support for various aspects of the units work. In particular Doug manages the work related to walking and cycling trails as well as greenways.

This includes co-ordination of trail inspections, management of the National Trails Register and the mapping of trail routes. Doug has extensive experience in recreational cycling. He is the National Coordinator for the Eurovelo cycle network project in Ireland.

Doug is a keen cyclist. He cycles all year round both for daily transport and recreational cycle adventures.

Darragh O'Sullivan

Darragh is a highly experienced outdoor recreation consultant, with a varied background that includes adventure sports instruction, physics and business analysis.

Over the years he has specialised in walking trails, with over 1000 route inspections and assessments to his name. He has also developed and delivered many of our training courses, focusing on sustainable trail planning and development.

Darragh is currently combining his outdoorsy and nerdy sides by leading projects in GIS and spatial data.

Jean Boydell

Jean has been involved with the development of trails in Ireland for over 30 years. In 1999 she joined Sport Ireland and has taken part in all aspects of the work of the Trails Unit, including management of the trail inspection programme. She is now focused on maintaining the National Trails Register, trail information on the website and the production of maps for the trail routes.

Jean is a keen walker with extensive experience walking throughout Ireland and the UK. Further afield she has walked in Austria and climbed Mont Blanc.


For all General Trail Queries contact:

Sport Ireland Outdoors - Email: outdoors@sportireland.ie 

For Trail Development,Trail Cycling advice, and Cycling Trail Projects:

Doug Corrie - Email: dcorrie@sportireland.ie

For Education Programme and Website queries contact:

Anna Grant - Email: agrant@sportireland.ie

For Outdoor Recreation Queries, Policy, Management and Media queries contact:

Ciara Munnelly - Email: cmunnelly@sportireland.ie