Return to Sport and Physical Activity - People with Disabilities

Kayaking coach and her athlete

Return to Sport & Physical Activity

For many people with a disability Covid-19 has been a very difficult time as they will not have had access to their local clubs, outdoor amenities, coaches, training facilities and equipment. As sport and physical activity facilities and opportunities continue to reopen, it is important to consider the safe return to sport for people
with disabilities.

While mitigating the risk of Covid-19 is more challenging for those who require assistance in their sport participation, steps should be taken including:

  • Consider DATE (distance, activity, time, environment)
  • Ensure daily symptom checks
  • Limit the number of participants
  • Limit the duration of the activity
  • Consider the contact (proximity, direct touch, equipment sharing) and minimise where possible
  • Train outdoors
  • Consider the use of PPE for assisting the participant (for example, if they require assistance getting onto a bike). It is accepted that the use of PPE during sporting activities is not generally advised, however its use is promoted outside of field of play, where guidelines suggest
  • Avoid slipstreams where possible

This guidance was prepared with the support of Cara, who conducted extensive consultation within their sector.