Return to Competition and Training

The return to training and competition should be on an opt-in basis, with participants taking personal responsibility to decide whether they are happy to return.

It is important that athletes are not be penalised if they wish to opt-out of training at this stage in the Roadmap. They should be encouraged to communicate their concerns to their club and/or National Governing Body so that they can be addressed.

The return to competition should be slow with consideration for the period of training completed prior to any scheduled matches/competitions. Individuals, especially high performance and professional athletes, may have maintained a level of fitness throughout the restriction, however the risk of injury will be increased. Those leading the delivery of their sport will need to account for this risk and tailor training accordingly. Minimising the spread of Covid-19 and the occurrence of injury will be critical.

Contact permitted, but should be limited to training and competition only. Strict physical distancing protocols should be in place outside the field and adhered to at all times. 

Covid-19 measures should be incorporated into all competition/procedure documents to form a normal part of the sport’s delivery. This should include the appointment of a Covid-19 Safety Officer, to ensure public health guidelines are adhered to, and appropriate mechanisms to assist with contact tracing.