CDPI Review - Stakeholder Consultation

There are 60 partner National Governing Sports Bodies and over 220,000 people who have been trained and certified through Coaching Development Programme for Ireland (CDPI) since it was launched in 1993.  Sport Ireland Coaching now wants to give you an opportunity to help steer where the CDPI goes next.

Sport Ireland Coaching is undertaking a review of the CDPI so that it can continue to build on the capacity of the sports and physical activity sector, in line with the changing context for sport, national policy, sector realities and participant expectations.

This ‘Next Steps’ consultation stage of the review, is an opportunity for the sports and physical activity sector to identify where and how the CDPI, and the sports sector, might best meet the challenges and the opportunities for sports and physical activity in Ireland.

Consultation with the sports sector is the first step of this review.  Sport Ireland Coaching have appointed an independent consultant Humphrey Murphy from ILC to undertake this confidential consultation process.

We are asking coaches, instructors and leaders across all sports to complete the online questionnaire at the link below.

To assist you we have attached a consultation statement that suggests some of the issues for discussion.  The executive summary of this document indicates three key areas,

  1. the changing context for sport coaching,
  2. the current coaching structure
  3. the practical process of coach training.

This is an opportunity for you and your sport to identify the existing value of the CDPI and the further needs and expectations of your sport around coaching.

Thank you for your assistance.

Public Consultation Statement