Q2 2016 L&D Courses Now Live

L&D Courses - Quarter 2 (April - June 2016)sp_smallse_smallOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallpm_smallcm_small

Speaking With Impact - How to Wow (2 days) - 12th & 13th April - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campusse_small

This two day course is ideal for anyone who: has to speak on behalf of the organisation at public funtions or events or, make presentations for key internal or external groups, stakeholders or individuals. Participants will increase their effectiveness in delivering "off the cuff" and prepared presentations and speeches that connect with different audiences, persuade and motivate to take action


Effectively Managing Multiple Small Projects - 26th April - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campusse_smallrm_smallpm_smallcm_small

This course is focused on teaching fundamental management techniques and skills for organising and managing small projects. Participants will learn how to understand the work that is requested, how to organise the work, how to manage the work and how to execute the work. Underlying the course will be the need to proactively communicate to manage expectations every step of the way.


Governance - 4th May - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports CampusOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallrm_smallcm_small

This one day course will look at a range of areas under Governance including key Regulatory Frameworks such as The Lobbying Act 2015, The Companies Act 2014 and The Charities Act 2009. Other topics on the day include the Governance Code and understanding Public Benefit Trusteeship.


Building High Performance Teams - 10th May - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campusse_smallOrganisational Leadershipcg_smallEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallcm_small

This two day course is aimed at: team leaders who want a better insight into the challenges that face their team, together with a method and framework to enhance team performance and, newly formed or established teams needing a renewed motivation of fresh perspective to increase productivity. Participants will learn to develop, engage and motivate a team to harness their collective strengths, overcome team challenges and achieve superior results.


Event Management - 17th & 18th May - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports Campussp_smallse_smallrm_smallpm_small

This two day course run by industry professionals will look at the following areas of Event Management: Health and Safety Management for mass participation sporting events, Committee Management, Business Planning, and Marketing and Promotion.


Personal Effectiveness - 16th February - Campus Conference Center, National Sports CampusOrganisational LeadershipEmployee Performance Managementcm_small

This programme has been designed  to help candidates gain a comprehensive set of professional skills that help to stay focused, work effectively with colleagues, communicate and builds reputation for delivering results. The programme will focus on Looking at 7 Habits of Effective People, Goal Setting, Time Management, Communication, Assertiveness & Behaviour, Teamwork and Tips for Improving and Driving Personal Performance.


Emotional Intelligence - 21st June - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports CampusOrganisational LeadershipEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallcm_small

This one day course is intended for all individuals in a supervisory or management position who understand or wish to understand, the importance of becoming an "Emotionally Intelligent" manager of people. This course will help you to understand all aspects of EI, as well as show you how the individual building blocks of emotional intelligence can be developed and improved through training and experience.


Myers Briggs Managing Difficult Conversations - 28th June - Campus Conference Centre, National Sports CampusOrganisational LeadershipEmployee Performance Managementrm_smallcm_small

This workshop helps participants to increase personal effectiveness in dealing with difficult or challenging conversations with co-workers, colleagues, team members, managers, clients, customers, suppliers or other service providers. These conversations may relate to differences of opinion, communicating bad news, giving unexpected or unwelcome feedback, discussions relating to performance, behaviour, engagement, getting buy in etc. Please note all attendees will be required to complete an MBTI Profile before attending this course.



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