Evans Leads Ireland To A 4-1 Victory Over Norway

Team Ireland took on Norway in the opening game of the group 6 qualifiers for the European mixed team championships. Scott Evans led the team to their first victory of the day over Norway's Marius Myhre. Continuing on from his recent result reaching the finals of the Bitburger Open Scott took the game in 2 sets to give Ireland a 1-0 lead.

Fellow Olympian Chloe Magee was up next in the woman's singles taking on Norway's Vilde Espeseth. A visibly tired Magee managed to take the game in two sets despite being drained from back to back tournaments in Germany and England.

Norway's Marius Myhre took to the court again with partner Jesper Kristensen facing Irish pair Sam and Joshua Magee in men's doubles. The Irish continued their winning streak to bring the score up to 3-0 beating the Norwegians in 2 sets.

Down but not out Norway fought back in the woman's doubles beating Sinead Chambers and Jennie King in 3 sets. Spurred on by the cheers of the team Norweigan pair Cathrine Fossomo and Anne Klyve secured the first score of the day for their team.

Final game of the match saw Fredrik Kristensen and Natalie Syvertsen against the more experienced pairing of Sam and Chloe Magee. Playing at a higher intensity in the 2nd set was not enough for the Norway and Ireland won the game in 2 sets and the overall match 4-1.

Ireland will take on Slovakia at 6pm as they're bid for European Mixed team qualification continues.