34 Coaches from 20 Sports join the Pursuit of Excellence

The Irish Institute of Sport is delighted to announce details concerning the outcome of the Pursuit of Excellence Programme (PEP) application process. In total, 57 high performance coaches from 21 sports applied to join PEP in February. This marked the most competitive application process in the programme’s 5 year history.

Gary Keegan, Director, Irish Institute of Sport explained “This announcement signals our most ambitious investment into High Performance coaching.. Fifty-seven coaches from twenty-one sports applied to come on the Pursuit of Excellence Programme . We were delighted with this response and we would like to thank our NGB partners for ensuring that such a high number of  talented coaches applied for the programme. I am delighted to confirm that we have completed our application assessments and we have selected 34 coaches from 20 sports to form this highly talented support community.”

PEP involves 2 targeted support programmes for both senior and emerging high performance coaches. Podium is a 3-year coach performance support programme targeting high performance coaches with an eye on the 2016 Games.  Horizon is a 15-month programme targeting Ireland’s top high potential performance coaches. Further details of the 2014 - 2016 Pursuit of Excellence Programme are available at http://www.instituteofsport.ie/Institute-of-Sport/Coach_Zone/The-Pursuit-of-Excellence-Programme-2014-2016/

Phil Moore, Director, Performance Services, Institute of Sport stated, “The Pursuit of Excellence Programme is a critical investment in the development and performance support of coaches, leaders and support professionals working with Ireland’s best athletes . The two coach support strands of PEP provide the Institute with an opportunity to build on the successful work of the past five years and hopefully impact positively on 34 coaches from 20 high performance sports. This is an extraordinarily talented group of coaches and we look forward to working with them to support them and their athletes to achieve their potential.”


The PEP Coach Intake List 2014 - 2016

PEP Podium Programme

  • Rory Fitzpatrick - Saling
  • Ciaran Ward - Judo
  • Zauri Antia - Boxing
  • Billy Walsh - Boxing - watch video
  • James Lafferty - Paralympic Swimming
  • Dave Malone - Paralympic Swimming - watch video
  • Brian Nugent - Cycling
  • Paul Donovan - Swimming
  • Daniel MaGee - Badminton
  • Dave Kearney - Women's Golf
  • Teresa McDaid - Athletics
  • Don McLachlan - Rowing
  • Thomas Evans - Traithlon
  • Gary Cahill - Tennis
  • Robert Splaine - Equestrian
  • Dave Sweeney - Paralympic Athletics
  • Lindsey Weedon - Modern Pentathlon

PEP Horizon Programme

  • Eoin Rheinisch - Canoe Slalom - watch video
  • Ross Killian - Sailing
  • Neill Delahaye - Para Cycling
  • Stephen Delaney - Triathlon
  • Sally Corscadden - Equestrian
  • Eddie Bolger - Boxing
  • Trent Johnston - Cricket
  • Russell McGovern - Sailing
  • Keith Gough - Judo
  • Gerard Glynn - CP Football
  • Graham Shaw - Hockey
  • Steven Macklin - Athletics
  • Kenneth Egan - Boxing - watch video
  • Noelle Morrissey - Athletics
  • Pat McInerney - Rowing
  • David Mannion - Rowing
  • Darren O'Neill - Boxing


The Irish Institute of Sport provides services and programmes to High Performance Sports from the Irish Sports Council.