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High Performance Preparation in the Kitchen


"Prepare to Perform on the track, in the the kitchen"


This week, a number of Irish athletes from a range of sports had the opportunity to improve their food preparation and cooking skills thanks to Wagamama Ireland. The event was attended by a selection of Ireland's high performance athletes across a variety of sports.

Wagamama 1


Sharon Madigan, Nutritionist Irish Institute of sport -"We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with Wagamama and to have Head Chef and Group Trainer Juan Manteca and the teams' expertise to build a really interactive session for our athletes which helps in their preparation to train and compete. It's so often difficult in a busy schedule of training and competing to prepare food and Wagamama are helping us simplify cooking and make it fun for the athletes. The key education point is that our athletes realise that something as enjoyable as what they eat and drink can have a significant impact on their performance and overall health in a high performance environment".


Wagamama 2

Juan Manteca, Head Chef and Group Trainer Wagamama Ireland "Often people say that they cannot cook but when you give them some hints and suggestions actually they can produce really great food. Athletes often know what they need to do and we are just helping with adding to their practical skills".


Wagamama 3

This session has built on previous sessions in Wagamama with athletes, and the focus was again on simple ingredients which are easy to put together into suitable meals that will fuel performance. Further events are planned for the new year.

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