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Smoothies are a great snack on the go and can be even included as part of a healthy meal. They are brilliant for getting your 5 a day and can be used for recovery too (even try adding a scoop of protein or ground flax seed, oats to increase the nutrient content).

Check out our simple but delicious smoothie recipes below. We will regularly add a new smoothie recipe to the below list so keep posted for some great tasting and unique smoothie recipe ideas.


Smoothie Recipes
17th February 201422nd May 201424th March 2015
Strawberry BoostStrawberry and Kiwi SurpriseStrawberry Smoothie
24th Februrary 201409th June 201407th April 2015
Banana and Blueberry ShuffleChia-licious Smoothie *NewRaspberry Recovery
03rd March 201418th June 2014 
Avo BerryThe Vegenator 
14th April 201427th February 2015 
Tropical Teatime SmoothieFruit 'n' Nut Surprise 
30th April 201403rd March 2015 
The Green Team SmoothieChocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie 


Pancake Tuesday Recipe

Pancakes are a great choice as they can be eaten savoury or sweet. The ingredients mean that you will be able to get a great range of nutrients with as few or as manyingredients as you have so long as you have the basic batter mix of eggs, flour and milk. You don't have to be a great chef but remember the first batch can often end up a bit of a mess. Keep going and by the end they will be flippin’ lovely!! In this recipe we have added in some extras which will add extra vitamins and minerals and increased the overall energy profile which is great if you are trying to gain weight. Happy pancake day!

Protein Pancake Recipe

Healthy Irish Fry

When people hear the words ''Irish Fry'' they often picture a greasy pile of sausages, fatty bacon and mountains of white toast slobbered with butter and ketchup - However thisalternative healthy version of the fry is contains less than half the calories, is more nutritionally dense and tastes even better than the typical greasy fry up!

Healthy Irish Fry Recipe

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