2016 Rio Review

Sport Ireland began the process of reviewing the overall Rio Cycle (2013 - 2016) in advance of the commencement of the Olympic Games in August and the Paralympic Games in September. This Review Process was fully completed by December 2016.

The process was robust, with a series of specific stages, significant NGB involvement, and independent oversight. It was designed with the purpose of providing a fair assessment of Ireland’s Olympic and Paralympic campaign; and beyond this, producing independent evidence-based recommendations which will be essential in improving the Irish high performance system as we move forward.

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Review Process
Team Ireland Performances
High Performance Stakeholder Review
Athletics Ireland
Badminton Ireland
Cycling Ireland
Confederation of Golf in Ireland
Gymnastics Ireland
Hockey Ireland
Horse Sport Ireland
Irish Athletic Boxing Association
Irish Sailing Association
Parlaympics Ireland
Pentathlon Ireland
Rowing Ireland
Swim Ireland
Triathlon Ireland


Survey Results
Rio 2016 Olympic Games Performance
Rio 2016 Olympic Medal Table
Rio 2016 Olympic Medal Table (by capita)
Rio 2016 Olympic Medal Table (by GDP)
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Performance
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Medal Table
Consolidated Recommendations