Tutor Development

Tutor 2
As part of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland Sport Ireland Coaching in partnership with National Governing Bodies train tutors, who have been nominated by their respective NGB's

Tutors play an enormously important role within every National Governing Body, specifically in the design, delivery and review of coach education programmes. To date seven hundred and twenty six tutors have completed Level 2 Tutor training. In the past two years. Sport Ireland Coaching has also run nine sports specific tutor courses.

Their influence is immense and their responsibility to improve the number of coaches and the standard of coaching is a challenging and deeply rewarding one. The buzz and the benefits of participation in sport are well documented and is hard to beat. They encompass a wide range of motives that attract so many to sport in the first place. Many areas of research point to the importance of the coach in providing that 'buzz' within a fun, safe, relevant, progressive context.