Coaching Development Programme for Ireland

The Coaching Development Programme for Ireland, formerly the National Coaching Development Programme (NCDP), aims to facilitate the development of coaching and coach education in Ireland. The programme operates in partnership with National Governing Bodies and other agencies to develop an internationally recognised coach education system.

The objectives of the CDPI are to:
1. Provide a pathway for progression for each participant and performer.
2. Ensure a pathway for progression for each developing coach.
3. Promote safety, fun and challenge through coaching with the following targets:
An appropriately qualified coach for every participant and performer.
A qualification for every coach.
4. Consolidate the work done to date and the elements and systems of CDPI.
5. Further develop sustainable National Governing Body coaching and coach education systems, with the right balance between volunteer and professional inputs.

Implementation of the CDPI

The CDPI is implemented in the context of the policies of Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland and promotes an ethical approach to sport. Both National Governing Bodies and Coaching Ireland play a key role in the implementation of the CDPI. Broadly, National Governing Bodies develop coach education and coaching systems based on sports-specific needs. Coaching Ireland facilitates this development by assisting the National Governing Bodies to put in place the elements of the system. Coaching Ireland also plays a role in quality assurance across these elements. All partners in CDPI play a role in common areas, such as promotion of coaching and increasing the status of coaching. The roles and responsibilities of Coaching Ireland and National Governing Bodies are outlined later.
A more focused approach to the implementation of the CDPI will be taken on a phased basis with sports on a north/south basis. Greater technical support will be provided to National Governing Bodies to assist them with completing their coaching plans, courses and coach education programmes.

Download the CDPI Implementation Manual