About Coaching

Coaching Ireland has the lead role in development of coaching on an all island basis, highlighting the importance of quality coaching in developing our athletes and providing opportunities for participants.

The main objectives of Sport Ireland Coaching are:

  • Raise the standard, status and profile of coaching in Ireland to provide performers and participants with the best quality coaching through their involvement in sport
  • Lead the development of coaching in Ireland through the implementation of a quality coach and tutor education and support programme.
  • Work in partnership with NGBs and the wider sporting sector on an all island basis.
  • Coaching Ireland works in partnership with 60 National Governing Bodies (NGB's) in order to achieve these objectives. The organisation operates within the context of the policies of Sport Ireland and the Sport Northern Ireland.

Sport Ireland Coaching has a very broad but coaching focused remit which will include the following roles:

  • Ensure performers and participants receive the best quality coaching throughout their involvement in sport.
  • Lead the development of coaching in Ireland through the implementation of coach education and support programmes (CDPI)
  • Deliver services to NGBs and coaches.
  • Develop, implement and manage coach certification, accreditation, continuing professional development and licensing systems with the relevant partners.
  • Establish agreements with key partners to develop coaching (NGBs, agencies, LSPs and others)
  • Ensure there are sufficient tutors of appropriate quality and skill to educate coaches.
  • Quality assure the coaching system internally and appoint external bodies as required.
  • Manage information on coaching and a coaches database for Ireland.
  • Implement a research and information programme.
  • Manage and monitor the implementation of the strategy.
  • Raise the status and profile of coaching in Ireland.
  • Develop an implementation plan.
  • Develop and introduce coach recognition awards.

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